Sharon CamarilloSharon Camarillo
   Sharon Camarillo’s career has encompassed many facets of the western and equestrian world. She is a multi-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier and a Women’s Professional Rodeo Champion. 
   Camarillo holds the rare honor of being among only a few women to have been inducted into both The National Cowboy Hall of Fame and The National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.  
Her acclaimed workshops, Horsemanship for Better Barrel Racing, have influenced students in more than 40 states and five countries to enjoy the process of developing their equine partner, regardless of the discipline, to their personal potential. 
Charles WilhelmCharles Wilhelm
   Charles Wilhelm signs off every letter, every email, with his simple philosophy; "It's never, ever the horse's fault."
   Wilhelm is the creator of Ultimate Foundation Training – equine training techniques that combine the best of traditional, classical and natural horsemanship into methods for every riding discipline. His training is based on his belief that there is success through knowledge, for both the horse and the horse’s owner. His training facility in Castro Valley, California is among the top equine educational institutions in Northern California.
   Following acclaimed success at a recent Horse Expo in Sacramento, CA, Wilhelm will make a special appearance at Hawaii Horse Expo for a Cowboy Dressage demonstration. Western dressage attempts to blend the principles of dressage with western riding to improve the quality of a horse’s performance whether trail riding or rounding up cattle. According to Wilhelm, blending the skills of many disciplines results in a better trained horse and increased performance.

David W. Bodin
    Known as the "Horse Trailer Guru," David is a skilled and popular clinician at horse Expos and equine events across the country. He grew up on a 35,000 acre cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon where he learned skills from his grandfather that he uses today. The former Special Forces Marine believes strongly in 'old school' quality and traditions.  
Leigh Goodison Grieve, author of The Horse Trailer Owner's Manual, will be assisting Bodin. 
Dale Myler
    An experienced horse trainer and rodeo competitor, Dale Myler is also an international expert on the horse’s mouth. He is a third generation horseman and, along with his two brothers, they are the world’s leading bit designers. Dale has conducted extensive research into equine dentistry and physiology, which has led to an added understanding of the connection between bitting and the equine mouth. Significant bit design refinements over the years have resulted in horses and riders enjoying a greater level of comfort and communication. He has done bitting clinics and seminars across the U. S. and Europe.  
Lester BuckleyLester Buckley
   Lester Buckley is a versatile horseman. In his earlier years Buckley trained horses for two of the largest ranches in the world, King Ranch in Texas and famed Parker Ranch in Hawaii. He has won championships in cutting horse competitions and earned his international training license in dressage and sport jumping. He and his wife, Mary, split their time between Hawaii and Germany where they raise quality sport horses. Buckley, who has trained more than 2,000 horses in his career, teaches in the U.S. and Internationally. He helps riders better understand their horses while promoting a better way of life for horses of all ages and breeds.
Dr. Lisa WoodDr. Lisa Wood
    Dr. Wood is part of the team of veterinarians at Kamuela’s Veterinary Associates Inc. Together they provide care for large and small animals across the island. In addition to organizing The Mana Award, Dr. Wood will present a lecture at Hawaii Horse Expo; THE "C" WORD - COLIC.


Brady J. Bergin, D.V.M.Brady J. Bergin, D.V.M.

    “Local boy” Brady Bergin was born on Hawaii Island and graduated from Hawaii Preparatory Academy. He attended Colorado State University where he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Following graduation he joined the faculty at Oregon State University where he later received the Carl Norden-Pfizer Distinguished Teacher Award. In 2008 he returned home to Hawaii where he assumed the private veterinary practice of his father, Dr. Billy Bergin, at the Aina Hou Animal Hospital.  
Robert M. Miller, D.V.M.Robert Miller, D.V.M.
    Veterinarian, renowned equine behaviorist and lecturer, for more than fifty years California-based Dr. Miller has helped people better understand horses and the horse-human relationship. 
    Books published include Yes, We Treat Aardvarks, his re-published autobiography and collection of true stories of a rural veterinary practice. In the well illustrated book Handling Equine Patients, he tells how to approach and handle equine patients in a manner to prevent the damage that occurs all too frequently to the patients, doctors, assistants and bystanders. In The Passion for Horses and Artistic Talent, An Unrecognized Connection, Dr. Miller explores the connection between passionate horse people and the creative artistic skills inexplicably found in those same people. He also co-authored Revolution in Horsemanship with fellow Hawaii Horse Expo clinician, Rick Lamb. 
Solomon SingerSolomon Singer
    Hawaii Island resident Solomon Singer is the director of Equine Services for the Good Shepherd Foundation, where he humanely trains and rehabilitates horses and works with riders and horse owners to better understand horse language, behavior, and psychology.  His emphasis is on using a special bareback riding technique, called Full Body Riding, which provides optimal safety, contact, and communication between horse and rider. This technique is essential to achieving higher levels of skill, including Roman riding, riding without controls, and acrobatic performance riding, which Solomon also teaches.  
 Rick Lamb
Rick Lamb    Popular host of RFD TV's “The Horse Show.”  Lamb returns as Expo moderator. He co-authored The Revolution in Horsemanship with Dr. Robert M. Miller while also resurrecting his musical career. His other books include Horse Smarts for the Busy Rider and Human to Horseman: a Journey of Discovery, Growth, and Celebration. 
   He and Diana live in Phoenix with their two horses, Candy and Fidla, and their black cat, Angus.
Elizabeth MasonElizabeth Mason
    Elizabeth Mason will be returning in 2013 to assist Rick Lamb as Expo moderator. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Elizabeth is an actress living in New York City. She has spent the past year filming a “top secret project” which will be released in September 2013. She has appeared in commercials for US Cellular, Coca-Cola, Jack in the Box, Clairol, Bounty, and Red Lobster. Growing up in Texas, Elizabeth, an avid horse lover, spent her weekends riding horses along the Red River.
Dr. Kelleyerin ClabaughDr. Kelleyerin Clabaugh
    While caring for her first horse until he passed away at the age of 42, Dr. Kelleyerin Clabaugh became inspired to practice veterinary medicine. During her curriculum, while obtaining her DVM from the University of Georgia in 2004, Dr. Clabaugh worked with cattle and camels in Australia; rhino, elephant and large cats in Africa. She then practiced on Sporthorses in Florida prior to being drawn to the Pacific Northwest. As an associate veterinarian with a large progressive practice near Portland, Oregon, she focused on mare management, reproduction, dentistry, geriatric care and lameness.
    After meeting Dr. Brady Bergin and the staff of Aina Hou Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Clabaugh has recently joined the staff at AHVH, knowing that doing so provides her the opportunity to continue practicing quality and compassionate medicine.
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