Curt Pate
Curt Pate  For more than a decade Curt has conducted demonstrations and clinics on stockmanship, colt starting, horsemanship and safety. His abilities conducting both horsemanship and stockmanship demonstrations along with his ability as an effective communicator make him one of the most sought after clinicians on both the national and international scene. His personal experience incorporating effective stockmanship principles support a for-profit mindset. He fully understands the increased economic benefits of handling stock correctly. Just as important, as livestock production comes under increased scrutiny, is the understanding Curt has of the impact that improved handling practices create for the sustainability of the cattle industry. Curt brings great value to the livestock industry. With his ability to think outside of the box, his ability to challenge others to do the same, and a willingness to share his skills, Curt has set himself apart in conducting stockmanship clinics. His lifelong experience in ranching adds credibility and enables him to communicate his methods effectively to cattle ranchers throughout the country.
   Curt's book, RANCH HORSEMANSHIP, published by Western Horseman in 2004 continues to be a best seller.
Robert Miller, D.V.M.
Robert Miller, DVM   Veterinarian, renowned equine behaviorist and lecturer, for more than 50 years, California-based Dr. Miller has helped people better understand horses and the horse-human relationship.
In addition to his pioneering work in equine behavior Miller is also a cartoonist and author. He has participated in every Hawaii Horse Expo for the past five years and returns in 2014 for an unprecedented seventh year.
   Among several books he has authored Handling Equine Patients tells how to approach and handle equine patients to prevent damage that occurs all too frequently to the patients, doctors, assistants and bystanders.
   In The Passion for Horses and Artistic Talent, An Unrecognized Connection, Dr. Miller explores the connection between passionate horse people and the creative artistic skills inexplicably found in those same people. He also co-authored Revolution in Horsemanship with fellow Hawaii Horse Expo clinician, Rick Lamb.
   Often working with difficult equine patients in his hands-on clinics, Miller has traveled to every continent sharing his knowledge which includes revolutionary methods on imprint training for newborn foals.
   Dr. Miller was invited to teach at Mexico’s Olympic Training Center and spent a week teaching more humane methods of horsemanship, equine behavior and problem solving. He was also recently the featured speaker at the Sierra Veterinary Association meeting in Canada and the National Veterinary Convention in Denver.
   New topics at this year’s Hawaii Horse Expo include
  • How we can avoid predatory behavior around horses
  • Preventing problems through proper nutrition
  • Changes in the horse industry – both positive and negative

Dr. Robert M. Miller

Jim Helfter
Jim Helfter   Jim Helfter, the founder, owner, and CEO of Advanced Biological Concepts®, has been dedicated to providing livestock producers with nutritional technology to achieve maximum animal health for the production of drug and hormone free meat and milk for over 43 years.
   Jim’s evolution into holistic thought began when he was an aerospace researcher studying animals in relation to his research on interplanetary travel and became concerned about the long-term effects of the widespread use of antibiotics in animals. His experience as an owner and rider of long distance endurance horses added another dimension to his understanding of nutrition and mineral balance in performance animals as well as food producing livestock.
   Jim’s years of hands-on experience taught him that animal health problems are due to nutritional deficiencies from single source diets and related environmental conditions such as confinement. He has dedicated his company to the prevention of disease through nutrition.
   Under Jim’s leadership, Advanced Biological Concepts® produces natural and organic supplements and feeds for horses, ruminants (dairy and beef), swine, poultry, fish (aquaponics), and exotics. Advanced Biological Concepts® focuses on the cause of a disease or problem, not the symptom. No use of antibiotics or mega doses of a single nutrient is used to enhance performance or health.



Kerry Kuhn
Kerry Kuhn   Kerry Kuhn is an extraordinary horsemen who blends with the horse as though there is no separation between them – intuitively sensing the horse’s mind, behavior and way of moving.
   At the age of 12, Kerry started his first two-year-old colt with the help of his grandfather, nationally-acclaimed horseman Dale Lukens. That colt-starting experience spurred Kerry to learn about communicating with horses in an effective and kind manner. He also paid his dues by competing in rodeos and training young Thoroughbreds on the track.
   Over the years Kerry has created a program to help riders connect in a safe and enjoyable manner with their horses. “There’s much more to a horse than what you can see,” said Kerry. “There’s a lot going on in horses’ minds as they search for good, safe leadership. Every horse is unique, and we need to tailor our approach for every horse.”
   Kerry’s accolades include winning multiple colt-starting competitions and headlining at Equine Affaire (Ohio and Massachusetts), Western States Horse Expo Pomona, Equifest of Kansas, Western States Horse Expo (Sacramento), American Royal, Missouri Equine Expo, and the Mane Event in Canada.
   In addition to being a National Ambassador for Purina Mills’ Equine Influential Team, Kerry has been a judge for Project Cowboy, Ultimate Super Horse Challenge and Extreme Cowboy Race World Finals. He also served as the official clinician on television’s “Best of America by Horseback.”
   Kerry’s knowledge and wisdom play a unique role in the horse world. “I’ve found that as we improve our horsemanship, it radiates out to our everyday lives.”
Pete Gorrell
Pete Gorrell   Pete has always liked working with his hands, starting with braided items and small wood carvings as a youngster. Pete was introduced to leather craft while working on a ranch in western Colorado in 1952 and today he continues to build Hawaiian and western saddles.
   Pete learned saddle making under the tutelage of Clarence Wilson, a saddle maker and fine leather artist, in Arizona. A former champion rodeo competitor, Pete continued to study his craft from accomplished saddle makers and then taught others.
   His work on Colorado ski slopes led him to a better understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, male and female skeletal differences, skeletal alignment and how correcting foot and ankle pronation can relieve riders’ sore knee syndrome. Pete has incorporated this knowledge into his custom saddles to help both rider and the horse.
   Pete has made a few saddles for notable people including movie director Howard Hawks. In 2000 he was recognized by the Academy of Western Artists as Saddle Maker of the Year. He was recognized as “master saddle maker” by the American Saddle Makers Association. In 2007 he received the Al Stohlman Award in Leathercraft and in 2008 received the Howard Munsell award from the Colorado Saddle Makers Association.
   Pete was introduced to Paniolo culture and the Hawaiian saddle, beginning his work here in 2009. At Waimea’s Pukalani Stables, Pete along with his partner, Craig Cunningham, build Hawaiian and western saddles. Pete and Craig also assist the Paniolo Preservation Society with tours and talk story sessions.
   Pete’s series of articles on making a saddle for Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal is now being rewritten for an upcoming book.
Rick Lamb
Rick Lamb   HHE Expo Moderator Rick Lamb is an author, educator and host of The Horse Show, an award-winning national TV and radio series that has been on the air since 1997. Lamb’s career began as a professional musician at age 14 and he still enjoys music, but just for fun.
   Rick’s first book, The Revolution in Horsemanship, coauthored by Dr. Robert M. Miller, is a modern classic that explores the history, science, and people of the natural horsemanship movement. Rick has also authored Horse Smarts for the Busy Rider, Human to Horseman, and more than 100 magazine and blog articles.
   Rick and his wife, Diana, live in Phoenix with their two horses, a dog and cat. In his spare time, Rick is finishing his doctoral dissertation in learning technology.
2014 Hawaii Horse Expo Talks
Top Five Hot Topics for Horse Owners
   Current thinking on horse nutrition, hoof care, facilities, handling and relationship-building, based on more than 1,000 interviews with horse experts since 1997.
Seven Strategies for Maintaining Harmony with Your Horse
   Tools that always help in defusing tense situations, refocusing the horse’s attention and reestablishing the rider’s control. Bonus: How to use the tools proactively to avoid fights in the first place.
Sandy Siegrist
Sandy Siegrist   Sandy Siegrist has been involved with horses all her life in capacities such as eventing, show jumping, trail riding, and fox hunting.
   She practices natural horsemanship with a special focus on natural healing and horse care techniques, incorporating the use of bio-energy testing, cranio-sacral therapy, acupressure, applied kinesiology, homeopathic remedies, herbs and flower essences to address the total health of the animal.
   Sandy puts her unique skills to work on behalf of equine and canine all over the United States, evaluating feeding and horsekeeping programs. Sandy also works with rider health and wellness issues, performing bodywork on clients to improve their riding and their overall health.
Scot Hansen
Scot Hansen   Retired mounted police officer Scot Hansen trained officers and horses, purchased remounts and worked the streets. He has ridden horses through difficult spots like railroad yards, tunnels, freeways, bars, crowd control, stadiums, fireworks, and under hovering helicopters – obstacles most people never encounter. His wide range of experience, instruction, and practical use of horses allows Scot to effectively teach a wide array of horsemanship skills.
   Numerous articles about his work have been published in regional and national newspapers and magazines, and he has made guest appearances on radio and TV shows. He now performs his “Self Defense for Trail Riders” and many other demonstrations at Horse Expos throughout the nation. Scot has also had many training and general horsemanship articles published widely both in print and on-line.
Lisa Wood, D.V.M.
Lisa Wood, D.V.M.    Dr. Wood grew up in Kamuela and attended Hawaii Preparatory Academy where she rode horses at A Lazy B Ranch and discovered her desire to work with horses as a career. After obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at Colorado State University, she earned her Veterinary degree at Washington State University in 1990. Dr. Wood then returned to the Big Island to begin her work at Kamuela’s Veterinary Associates, Inc.
   Dr. Wood has always had a special fondness for her equine patients with a particular focus on reproduction and neonatal medicine.
   Once again, the 2014 Hawaii Horse Expo Mana Award is sponsored by Veterinary Associates, Inc. Mahalo!
Susan L. White, DVM, MS, dipACVIM
Susan L. White, D.V.M.    Dr. Susan L. White is a graduate of the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. She practiced general large animal medicine in northern California prior to completing a residency in large animal internal medicine and a MS in veterinary pathology.
    Dr. White spent the remainder of her career at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, department of Large Animal Medicine.
    She is a diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and the Josiah Miegs Distinguished Professor, Emeritus of the University of Georgia. In addition to her scholarship as a veterinary internist, Dr. White has been an active educator in many areas of horse ownership such as the USEF, US Pony Club, 4-H horsemanship programs, University of Georgia and Clemson University extension service, Boy Scout Explorers, and the national junior riders in eventing.
2014 Hawaii Horse Expo Topics
  • Recurrent Airway Obstruction (Heaves): Causes and Management
  • Why Horses Itch: Diagnosis and Management
  • Bacterial and Fungal Skin diseases of horses
  • Lumps and Bumps: Skin lesions on horses
Billy Bergin, D.V.M.
Billy Bergin, D.V.M.    Waimea’s own Dr. Bergin studied at Kansas State University and after college he established the first purely private veterinary practice in South Kona. His practice grew and in 1981, he built the Case Memorial Veterinary Hospital in Waimea. From 1970 to 1995, he was the lead veterinarian for Parker Ranch, one of the largest and oldest cattle ranches in the United States. Dr. Bergin went on to establish Aina Hou Animal Hospital, a full service equine health facility. 
   Always involved in civic and community leadership, Dr. Bergin was instrumental in founding the Paniolo Preservation Society, a nonprofit foundation with the mission of preserving the rich heritage of the livestock industry and ranch life in Hawaii. In 2000, he joined the board of directors of the Rodeo Historical Society of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City and was nominated as associate director of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.
   An established author, Dr. Bergin has written many articles on veterinary medicine and several books on Hawaii’s history including “Loyal to the Land,” a sweeping history of Hawaii and Parker Ranch.  
   Dr. Bergin is currently a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, Hawaii Cattlemen’s Association, and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association as a charter member. 
Donna Whitaker
Donna Whitaker    Trained in laws and legal procedures specific to county, state and federal animal regulations, Hawaii Island Humane Society Executive Director Donna Whitaker has more than 20 years of animal welfare experience and she is keenly aware of how to work with the legal system to protect animals. 
    Donna, a lifelong animal lover, animal owner and animal welfare advocate, has seen firsthand the effects of over breeding and overpopulation. She has worked tirelessly to strengthen laws and educational outreach on behalf of animals. 
    As a multi-faceted leader on many animal welfare issues, Donna has been a contributor to a wide range of topics including compassion fatigue, crisis management, collection and preservation of evidence, caging and tethering legislation, animal fighting and several animal summits, task forces and conferences.
    Her animal advocacy and educational outreach initiatives have led to flourishing partnerships with national organizations including No More Homeless Pets and Best Friends Animal Society. She holds a degree in business administration from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. 
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