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Special Rates
for Attendees at Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows 


Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows

Mauna Lani is located on the Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The resort includes the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows, Mauna Lani Spa and Mauna Lani's Francis H. I'i Brown North and South Courses. Mauna Lani is a green resort known for its devotion to preserving the cultural of Hawai'i.  Mauna Lani historian Danny Akaka oversees the resort's effort to share the Hawaiian culture and rich heritage of Kalahuipua'a. The resort is nationally recognized for its Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (honu) Program, cultural activities,  and historic fishponds.


The 341 accommodations include guest rooms, suites and five ocean Bungalows. The Bungalows were completely renovated in 2012 and guestrooms and suites were refreshed in 2013/2014. Each guestroom features a private lanai, desk & chairs, coffee table, couch, two phones, WiFi, internet access, 47" HDTV, personal bar, safe, double and king size beds, refrigerator, clock radio, make-up mirror, hair dryer, umbrella & bathrobe. The pool area was also refreshed and a new Moana (ocean) Hot tub was added in 2014.

A benefit for the
Horse Rescue Fund
of the
Hawaii Island Humane Society
Hawaii Island Humane Society

HHE presents The 2015 Equine Wellness Symposium,  September 11 & 12, 2015



(Waimea, Hawaii – August 18, 2015) Hawaii Horse Expo presents its first Equine Wellness Symposium September 11 – 13, 2015 at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows.  
    Following two days of informative symposium workshops with national and local experts presenting topics centered on horse health and conditioning, the fun begins on Sunday afternoon, September 13, at the Paniolo Hoe Down at historic Pukalani Stables in Waimea. 
The celebration opens with Paniolo Preservation Society President Pono Von Holt and kahu Kimo Hoopai blessing the new wing of the Paniolo Cultural Center at Pukalani Stables. The new wing, four years and $25,000 in the making, expands the collection of historic photographs on display with special attention to Paniolo Kepani (cowboys in Hawaii of Japanese descent). 
The Paniolo Hoe Down combines a sumptuous barbecue catered by The Fish & The Hog with music by the ever-popular Patio Productions starring Willie-Joe Camara and Damien DeNello. A silent auction, games and animal adoptions round out this entertaining afternoon.  
“We are thrilled to host the opening of the museum’s new wing at our Paniolo Hoe Down,” said Hawaii Horse Expo producer Nancy Jones. “Their mission to preserve and promote the heritage of the Hawaiian cowboy is noble and will be of great interest to our symposium attendees.”
Symposium workshops will take place at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows on September 11 and 12, 2015. Early bird registration closes August 20, 2015.
The cost to attend the two-day symposium and the Paniolo Hoe Down is $275 ($315 after August 20). Single day symposium rates are $125 ($140 after August 20). The cost to attend just the festivities at the Paniolo Hoe Down is $45 adults/$20 children 10-18 ($50/$25 after August 20).

Opening Ceremony for The New Wing
of The Paniolo Preservation Society Museum
Kicks Off Paniolo Hoe Down...

The Paniolo Hoe Down, a fund raising event for Hawaii Island Humane Society's Horse Rescue Fund,  offers a wonderful opportunity to be among the first to visit the New Wing of the Paniolo Preservation Society Museum.  The Grand Opening Ceremony of the New Wing will kick off the Hoe Down's afternoon's festivities

Four years in the planing at a cost of $25,000, this New Wing will expand upon the Museum's collection of historic photographs with special attention to the “Paniolo Kepani”, the Japanese breed of the Hawaiian Cowboy.  The New Wing will also feature the artistry of master saddle maker and leather craftsman, Alvin Kawamotos, with a 24 foot progressive display of Hawaiian Saddle Making from blocks of wood to a complete saddle ready for use.

Pono Van Holt, current president of Paniolo Preservation Society, will open the ceremony with Kimo Hoopai offering the blessing.




Dr. Alice Villalobos

The Universal Human-Animal Bond
Explains how people feel about all animals.
Warning Signs of Equine, Canine, Feline Cancer

Quality of Life and End of Life Issues

In this lecture Dr. Villalobos explains the scale she developed to help caregivers make decisions.   THE HHHHMM SCALE - Standing for Hurt, Hunger, Hydration, Happiness, Mobility, and More Good Days than Bad.


Dr. Susan White

Maximizing Your Horse's Skin Health
This Presentation will discuss best practices as well as what not to do in caring for a horse's skin and hair coat.  Over the counter and prescription products and their use will be discussed.  
How Horses Cool:  Myths and Truths
Covers heat gain from the environment and heat produced internally in the working horse.  How the horse cools naturally and how riders and managers can enhance cooling.
Conditioning Your Horse
Discussion of conditioning practices for young and older experienced horses, reconditioning after injury, and how to condition for your sport of riding.  


Dr. Robert Miller

Keeping Horses Emotionally Healthy
The Leading Cause of Lameness
The 4 Greatest Things I learned about Horses after I Reached Middle Age


Dr. Lisa Wood

Neurological Disease
Common Causes of diseases affecting the nervous system, disease symptoms and grading.
Neurological Disease in Hawaii
Explores Rat Lungworm Disease and its potential affect on horse health.  


Dr. Billy Bergin

History of Horses in Hawaii 


Dr. Eric Mueller

Skin Tumors 
What is a skin tumor and what are the available treatments?
Evaluation and First Aide for Acute (Fresh) Leg Wounds. 
How serious is it?
Chronic Infected Leg Wounds.
Treatment and Healing


Dr. Leslie Easterwood

Ocular Emergencies
Covers the most common ocular injuries and conditions that would require emergency treatment—eyelid lacerations, corneal lacerations, and corneal ulcers.  Clinical signs, treatments, and prognosis.
Corneal and Periocular Tumors
Examines the most common tumors to occur on the equine globe and eyelids-
squamous cell carcinomas, sarcoids, and hemangiosarcomas.
ERU and Ocular Inflammation
Focuses on the most common cause of blindness in the horse, Equine Recurrent Uveitis, and ocular inflammation.  Clinical signs, causes, diagnosis and treatment of this frustrating disease will be discussed.  Secondary disease  process' such as glaucoma, cataracts, and detached retina will be included.
Corneal Diseases
An in-depth lecture on corneal disease. Corneal ulcers due to bacterial and fungal agents will be discussed.  Viral and immune mediated keratitis will be  also covered.  



Exploring the 
Prevention, Identification & Treatment 
of Various Equine Diseases


Speakers include....

Leslie Easterwood DVM
Clinical Assistant Professor, Texas A & M University 

Robert Miller DVM
Internationally Renown Behaviorist 

Eric Mueller DVM, PhD
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons
Director of Equine Programs, University of Georgia

Susan L. White DVM, diplomate ACVIM
Josiah Meigs Distinguished Professor, Emeritus
University of Georgia 

Lisa Wood DVM
Partner, Veterinary Associates, Kamuela, Hawaii

 Moderated by Rick Lamb PhD

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High resolution images from past Expos are available. Please email


Nancy L. Jones
Schedule – Clinicians -  General Info.
Phone:  808-887-2301

Connie Bender
Event Coordinator
Sponsorship – Advertising – Vending
Phone:  808-371-4803

Debbie Baker
Interviews – Articles - Photo Shoots
Phone:  808-326-7820  

Donna Whitaker
Executive Director
Hawaii Island Humane Society

Silent Auction 
Equine Rescue & Adoption
Phone:  808-329-8002


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Speakers include...

 Alice Villalobos
Alice Villalobos, DVM
President Emeritus of the
Society for Veterinary
Medical Ethics


Leslie Easterwood, DVM
Leslie Easterwood DVM

Clinical Assistant Professor
Texas A & M University


Robert Miller, DVM
Robert Miller DVM

Internationally Renown


Eric Mueller, DVM
Eric Mueller DVM, PhD

Diplomate, American College
of Veterinary Surgeons
Director of Equine Programs,
University of Georgia


Susan L. White, DVM
Susan L. White DVM,
Diplomate ACVIM

Josiah Meigs Distinguished
Professor, Emeritus
University of Georgia


Lisa Wood, DVM
Lisa Wood DVM

Veterinary Associates,
Kamuela, Hawaii


Rick Lamb, moderator
Moderated by
Rick Lamb PhD


Dr. Billy Bergin, DVM
Dr. William "Billy" Bergin, D.V.M. 


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